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  • Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine
  • Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine
  • Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine
Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine

The Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine is a specialized equipment designed for the production of plastic drums and containers. It is specifically tailored for manufacturing large-sized containers used in various applications, including 10-30 liters EVOH barrier multi-layer co-extrusion pesticide barrels, chemical storage bottles with adhesive and recycle layers, and more. This machine offers efficiency, versatility, and high-quality production for a wide range of plastic drum and container products.
Product Use:
The Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine is suitable for producing various types of plastic drums and containers, including:
10-30 Liters EVOH Barrier Multi-layer Pesticide Barrels: Manufacturing barrels with EVOH barrier layers to provide enhanced protection and preservation for pesticide products.
Chemical Storage Bottles with Adhesive and Recycle Layers: Producing bottles with multiple layers, including adhesive and recycle layers, to meet the specific requirements of chemical storage and transportation.
Transparent-Lined Containers: Creating containers with transparent lines for improved visibility and monitoring of the contents.
Key Features and Specifications:
Double Mold Frame, Single to Eight Die Head: The machine is equipped with a double mold frame, allowing for the use of single to eight die heads. This enables flexibility in production and the ability to manufacture multiple products simultaneously.
Die Center Distance: The machine offers various die center distances, such as 220mm for double heads, 140mm for three heads, 120mm for four heads, 80mm for six heads, and 60mm for eight heads. This allows for customization and adaptation to different production requirements.
Single to Six Layers with Transparent Lines: The machine supports the production of containers with single to six layers, providing the flexibility to create products with specific layer compositions and properties. Transparent lines can be incorporated for improved visibility.
High Daily Output: The machine is capable of achieving a high daily output, with a range of 100,00 to 150,00 units in a 24-hour production cycle. This ensures efficient and productive manufacturing.
Range of Sizes: The machine can produce plastic hollow products with a capacity ranging from 0.4 to 30 liters, accommodating a variety of drum and container sizes.
The Plastic Drum Blow Molding Machine specializes in the production of large-sized plastic drums and containers. Its advanced features, including the ability to work with multiple layers, customizable die heads, and high daily output, make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's EVOH barrier pesticide barrels, chemical storage bottles, or containers with transparent lines, this machine ensures high-quality and efficient production for the desired products.