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  • Extrusion blow mold for Daily chemical packaging
Extrusion blow mold for Daily chemical packaging

Extrusion blow mold for Daily chemical packaging

Extrusion Blow Mold Is A Special Tool For The Production Of Hollow Plastic Products, Widely Used In Daily Chemical Packaging, Medical, Cosmetics, Chemical Supplies And Other Fields.
Blow Molds Are Generally Made Of Metal Materials With High Strength, Wear Resistance And High Temperature Resistance. Common Metal Materials Are H13, S136, 2316 And NAK80. H13 Steel Has Excellent Thermal Stability And High Temperature Toughness And Is Often Used In The Production Of Large Extrusion Blow Molds. S136 Not Only Has High Hardness And Wear Resistance, But Also Has Excellent Corrosion Resistance And Fatigue Resistance, Suitable For The Production Of High-Precision Products. 2316 Is A High Quality Stainless Steel Suitable For The Production Of High Gloss Plastic Products. NAK80 Steel Has Good Machinability And Wear Resistance, Suitable For The Production Of Plastic Products With Complex Shapes. Our Engineers Will Choose The Best Material According To The Product And Use Environment To Make The Mold
Industry Applications:
Extrusion Blow Molding Is Used In Various Industries, Including The Food And Beverage, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, And Consumer Goods Sectors. The Ability To Produce Lightweight, Durable, And Cost-Effective Packaging Makes Extrusion Blow Molding A Popular Choice For Manufacturers. In The Food And Beverage Industry, Blow Molded Bottles Are Used To Package Products Such As Water, Soft Drinks, And Dairy Products. Cosmetics Companies Use Blow Molded Containers For Shampoos, Lotions, And Other Personal Care Products. Pharmaceutical Companies Use Blow Molded Bottles To Package Medications.